Dmxx warrior [Accepted]

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Dmxx warrior [Accepted]

Post  Dmxx on Fri Oct 12, 2007 2:53 pm

Personal Information

Name, age and sex : Patric Forsman 17

Nationality : Sweden

Playing times : 14:00 - 24:00 and on weekends like 09:00

Tolerance: Scale yourself 1-10, 10 being extremely tolerant, because in raids we require teamwork and sometimes you will have to take some hard critism about what to improve and what you did wrong. Well like 10 i like to try new things with new ppl:)

Shy-scale: Scale yourself 1-10, 10 having no problem whatsoever to communicate on ventrilo and presnting yourself to your fullest. I have no problem Smile on vent or TS:)

Refferals: Do you know anyone in Unlimited who also knows you? No i just migrated here:)and meet you guys:)

Your Computer 21

Connection Reliability: Do you dc a lot? do you have problems with your connection? scale your connection 1-10, 10 being extremely reliable. I never DC..

Voice Communication: Do you have Ventrilo 2.3 installed? yes

Your Character

Name: Dmxx
Class: Warrior
Level: 70
Race: UD

Account Ownership : Is this account yours? is it under your name? Yes

Talent Build : Current talent build, desired build and are you willing to respec for the good of the guild? yes and i have played fury and tank:)

Professions & Rare Crafts: Do you have any special recipies that you think would benefit us PvE-wice? no

Guild History: Names of your previous guilds, ranks and reasons for leaving. I played in guild on sunstride destruction with my dad and after a wile they kickt him and i migrated here to play with irl friends

Why would you like to join Unlimited?: State your reasons for applying to us. I like raiding:)

Attunements: Karazhan? Ofc

Equipment: : , give us a link to your character.

Experience: : Whats your highest PvE accomplishment? Which classes have you raided as? Warrior rogue

Fun? : Do you enyoy WoW and your class? can you controll your wow playing? Whats the most fun aspects of the game? what do you find challenging? I LIKE kill new boss and rading and try

Final words: Is there anything you would like to add? No:) cya in game


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Re: Dmxx warrior [Accepted]

Post  Tap on Fri Oct 12, 2007 3:36 pm

Application Accepted =) Welcome!

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