Hereticboi - Warlock [Declined - full]

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Hereticboi - Warlock [Declined - full]

Post  Hereticboi on Wed Oct 10, 2007 10:43 pm

Personal Information

Name, age and sex : Fırat.18 years.Male

Nationality : Turkey

Playing times : 8-10 Hours in a day

Tolerance: (9)Most times in raid i get on well with my guildies.

Shy-scale: My english is not so good but i can tell myself and can understand other people i believe..I have got TeamSpeak 2
Refferals: Harmony from my old guild
Your Computer

Connection Reliability: 7..It's generally between 300-400
Voice Communication: Do you have Ventrilo 2.3 installed?No

Your Character

Name: Hereticboi
Class: Warlock
Level: 70
Race: Undead

Account Ownership : Account belongs to me.
Talent Build : 27/34/0..For most spell damage and best pvp build
Professions & Rare Crafts: Tailoring-375 Engineering-358
Guild History: My first guild is Emulate..i joined them because i think they were good..But it dispersed 2 weeks ago so i left too..
Why would you like to join Unlimited?: Because i want a guild that can do high level raid instances..
Attunements: I got all heroic keys and im attuned with Karazhan

Equipment: :
Experience: : I've done karazhan many times and 5 times gruul's lair..
Fun? : When i read world of warcraft first observing i decided that i must choose warlock..i love my character
Final words: Hope you will do black temple some day..good luck


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Re: Hereticboi - Warlock [Declined - full]

Post  Tap on Sat Oct 13, 2007 12:36 pm

Nice application but we are full on locks. GL in the future.

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