Harmony applic - 70 Priest [Accepted]

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Harmony applic - 70 Priest [Accepted]

Post  Harmony on Tue Oct 09, 2007 11:29 am

Personal Information

Name, age and sex : Vladimir, 18, oh ye baby(c) male

Nationality : Russian

Playing times : 8 pm - 12pm

Tolerance: 9 I almost never get pissed at someones actions in raid unless its something really unappropriate

Shy-scale: 10 I have no problem with communicating over TS or Vent or anything else:P

Refferals: I probably know a couple of unlimited members since they used to be in my old guild

Your Computer

Connection Reliability: 8 Hey Im a Russian, what do u expect from out providers:P(jkin) Most time my connection is stable and I dont remember last time i DCed at a raid

Voice Communication: Yup

Your Character

Name: Harmony
Class: Priest
Level: 70
Race: Blood Elf

Account Ownership : Yep
Talent Build : Currently Im 17/0/44 Its shadow PvE/PvP spec. I do have some healing gear and I can respec if its required

Professions & Rare Crafts: 375 Tailoring/ 366 Enchanting I dont have any really rare recipes
Guild History: Pycb, Emulate. In first guild I was generally for fun and I liked the guild master a lot - hes a funny fellow. With emulate its a longer story tho. Since my initial guild (Pycb) couldnt raid I was lookin for some other guild I could go with. And emulate was lookin for the priest(they were just starting to do Kara). So they took me in and after a couple of weeks of raiding I decided to get into Emulate. After some time I became raid leader of one of the kara groups. I tried my best to organize them so we can do kara efficiently but fluctuation of players between groups and low experience of the new people made it really hard. Then we had some incidents while raiding and I refused to lead Kara raids(First year in Uni started too so I couldnt play WoW as much as I used to). Then Guild Master didnt show up for about a week and solid ammount of players left emulate for other guilds. I believe some of them joined unlimited too:P
Why would you like to join Unlimited?: Firstly Im interested in raiding and in moving on. I wanna try all the high-end PvE content since I think WoW is one of the best MMORPGs PvE-wise.

Attunements: I ve got all heroic keys and Im attuned to Kara ofc.

Equipment: : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Auchindoun&n=Harmony

Experience: : I started raiding Pre-BC so I have rather solid experience in raiding. Unfortunately in BC I've only been to kara and gruul's but im really lookin forward to do SSC, TK or even BT one day:P

Fun? : This is also one of the reasons I wanna join Unlimited. PvE-raiding is one of the main reasons I play WoW. I wanna try new bosses, learn how to beat them and ofc get kewl epixx:P

Final words: I think I kinda covered all up. If there are any more questions left you can ask them ingame:P Cheers and I hope i pass flower


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Re: Harmony applic - 70 Priest [Accepted]

Post  Tap on Tue Oct 09, 2007 1:54 pm

Ill talk to you ingame.

Best regards, Tap.

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Re: Harmony applic - 70 Priest [Accepted]

Post  Flan on Tue Oct 09, 2007 3:41 pm

Your application has been accepted. Welcome!


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Re: Harmony applic - 70 Priest [Accepted]

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