Iaso (Enhancement Shaman) [Accepted]

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Iaso (Enhancement Shaman) [Accepted]

Post  Iaso on Tue Oct 02, 2007 4:36 pm

Personal Information

Name, age and sex :

Felix, age 19 (for like 3 more weeks Wink ). Male, as my name suggests.

Nationality :

German, though I consider myself bavarian.
Playing times :
Usually coming online between 4 and 6pm server time. Due to work, I have to log off relatively early, at about 10pm server time. However, I have enough time to participate on the raids (except Iīm going out that night Wink )

Tolerance: Scale yourself 1-10, 10 being extremely tolerant, because in raids we require teamwork and sometimes you will have to take some hard critism about what to improve and what you did wrong.

9, I can accept criticism and act accordingly as long as it isnīt insulting.

Shy-scale: Scale yourself 1-10, 10 having no problem whatsoever to communicate on ventrilo and presnting yourself to your fullest.

8. I might not know some english terms because you donīt learn fantasy vocabulary in school or normal conversation, but apart from that it should be fine.
Refferals: Do you know anyone in Unlimited who also knows you?

Osso and Tiam, whom I know from Villains guild, arena and a lot of purple lines Wink
Iīm also pretty confident that Iīve been in pugs with some of you guys.
Your Computer

Connection Reliability: Do you dc a lot? do you have problems with your connection? scale your connection 1-10, 10 being extremely reliable.

9. My computer sometimes freezes when I want to exit the game, which might cause a relog to take a little longer... no "real" dcs, however.
Voice Communication: Do you have Ventrilo 2.3 installed?
No, but I am used to using Teamspeak and Skype... the installation process of ventrilo shouldnīt pose a big problem.

Your Character

Name: Iaso
Class: Shaman
Level: 70
Race: Troll

Account Ownership : Is this account yours? is it under your name?

Yes oO
Talent Build : Current talent build, desired build and are you willing to respec for the good of the guild?

Enhancement, which is definitely my favorite spec. The exact talent distribution can be changed; however Iīm not gonna lie about the rest: Iīve tried out all 3 specs, and enhancement was the only one that was really fun to me.

Professions & Rare Crafts: Do you have any special recipies that you think would benefit us PvE-wice?

The only recipe I have that is rare would be the steel weapon chain... apart from that just normal blacksmithing services.

Guild History: Names of your previous guilds, ranks and reasons for leaving.

Villains. Main reason for leaving is lack of discipline and engagement, spent really a lot of time waiting for (unannounced) afkers, and hardly anyone bothered with buff pots etc, including basic buff food, or even bringing along mana pots.
Why would you like to join Unlimited?: State your reasons for applying to us.

You raiding times seem to fit me quite well, I got a positive impression from both the guilds progress and atmosphere and there are friends of me in there Smile

Attunements: Karazhan? Yep. Heroics: Auchindoun, Hellfire and Coilfang.

Equipment: : http://armory.wow-europe.com , give us a link to your character.

(Might be pvp or pve equip/spec, of late armory isnīt always up to date. However, there is not such a great difference Wink )

Experience: : Whats your highest PvE accomplishment? Which classes have you raided as?

Only as a shaman. Pre-TBC I raided only MC up to Geddon. With TBC I raided Karazhan (partly), Gruuls Lair (clear) and SSC (only trashmobs and Lurker).

Fun? : Do you enyoy WoW and your class? can you controll your wow playing? Whats the most fun aspects of the game? what do you find challenging?
I enjoy wow and the shaman class a lot, yeah^^. My favorite content pvp-vise is open pvp, arena and premade vs premade battlegrounds. In PvE, I greatly enjoy raid bosses, even if we do nothing but wipe.
What I donīt like at all is doing trashmobs again and again in a dungeon Iīve been in countless times, only to get some special item or needed reputation.

Final words: Is there anything you would like to add?

What I really hope to find is a guild where there are no circles of friends excluding others or giving unfair advantages to each other - I have seen it just too often that items were given to someone who was slacking just because he/she was a friend of the raidleader... Rolling Eyes


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Re: Iaso (Enhancement Shaman) [Accepted]

Post  Mantissa on Tue Oct 02, 2007 5:06 pm

Very nice! But expect to go resto cuz we need healers...


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Re: Iaso (Enhancement Shaman) [Accepted]

Post  Iaso on Wed Oct 03, 2007 6:41 pm

Hmm, in your recruitment thread it said "resto only" a few days, then the additional info disappeared, so I thought recruitment was open for all specs... now in case non-resto shamans are still an option for invite, is there anyone I should/could talk to ingame? Didnīt see mantissa yet Neutral


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Re: Iaso (Enhancement Shaman) [Accepted]

Post  Klavec on Wed Oct 03, 2007 8:16 pm

Accepted, regardless of spec. Whisper any officer ingame for ginvite.


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Re: Iaso (Enhancement Shaman) [Accepted]

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